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With an excess of 250,000 pageviews recorded in the last twelve months, my goal for these forty-three issues is to repair and maintain base content as a free-to-read and free-to-teach resource.

I also want to hear from both university and non-university faculty who use legacy Blackbird's no cost materials nationallly and internationally in their classrooms, as well as from readers, students, former contributors, and former staff who want to voice their support in making sure the archive remains available for students and future readers.

     —M.A. Keller

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[Archives are] another way of people who lived in the past, who perhaps are still living or perhaps are dead, being present. This seems to me absolutely one of the quintessential things about the human condition. It’s what actually distinguishes man from any other animal: living with those who have lived and the companionship of those who are no longer alive. Not necessarily the people that one knew personally, I mean the people perhaps whom one only knows by what they did, or what they left behind, this question of the company of the past, that’s what interests me . . .

John Berger. inverview quoted in Portraits: John Berger on Artists, (London: Verso, 2015), xvii.