The Boy Shows the Girl His Country

Over here are trees that burst into flower.
You are always beautiful here.           
This is something you have too but spell differently.
Those are as stinky as you’ve imagined.
Lovely the way you say that. Sounds remade.
We eat these tubes of meat but usually they taste better.
Our night isn’t dark. Do you have night over there?
You don’t have to be afraid of the color of this sky.
Sometimes there are fireworks but it doesn’t pay to wait.
You’ve never had fruit like this.
Most of the bees have gone away.
We’re afraid of what people think. We laugh at everything.
Go ahead. Make any gesture you want. Not that one.
An honest man registers with the government.
This is the year we count things.
Don’t take our electricity too seriously. Just keep back.
Best look in every direction when you cross.
We don’t dance that way or comb that or put our lips there.
That would probably get plucked but it’s no big deal.
It’s true sometimes they return with no legs.
Some people gather those and put them in their windows.
Yes they are beautiful and sometimes we shoot them.
You must hiss at that creature for it to depart.
The tiny things will kill you.
They can’t be stopped, so don’t worry.
We dig holes for those and insert them when we’re done.
We’re so glad you were here. Speak of us in your accent.
Carry the news of us far. Make us new.  end