[Once the boss fired a twin the twin was torn in]

Once the boss fired a twin the twin was torn in
                        half at birth half the twin went to
             Human Resources thinking they might be humane
                                    thinking they had resources for

the worker instead they had sorcery they laughed
                        a cackling laugh they left her handed her a
             layoff notice in an office poof tossed her out with
                                   a wand and three foot clicks went on

with their winding up firing denying benefits it’s a
                       benefit to have a job in America to have a
           boss who gives you deploys you oils you
                                   when twins are born everyone says

congratulations the pink balloons come the pink blankets
                      with the pink baboons arrive before noon
          the twins will grow up and enter the world
                                 enter the workforce where they will

become accustomed to the dark learn how to duck when
                        the light shines on their faces
            they are still like us each time they are
                                   photographed they die a little more  end