blackbird online journal spring 2002 vol.1 no. 1


RICHARD ROTH | Collecting Myself

Collecting has numerous manifestations in contemporary culture and a vital presence in the popular domain (outside the artworld). Collections surround us everywhere: personal collections, museums, store window displays, backyard gardens, World Wide Web homepages, flea markets, world's fairs, historical and scientific archives, and video stores. The range of personal collecting today is enormous: butterfly collections, rock collections, stamps, coins, matchbooks, commemorative objects of every kind, kitchenware, tools, advertising, furniture, barbed wire, radios, typewriters, light bulbs, bicycles, vintage automobiles. Through collecting in the popular domain we are witnessing the widespread development of new forms of vernacular connoisseurship.

 Ceramic Vessel Collection, American.

 Flea Market—License Plates.

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