blackbird online journal Spring 2008  Vol. 7  No. 1




Leather without history. Strength without
rickets. From a drawer. On the hand a wire. Blood 
is silk. Walk silently. Blood is like
fruit. Here too is heated.
Shah’s tanks are entrenched. First we thrashed
ourselves. We roared and got excited.
Mirrors have to function as ovens. You see them
from the road. On the machines producing
dreams. Some read between. The perfect
form springs up like an ear. I know
a chiropractor who can pull out your arm.
Five centimeters out of your shoulder.
Joints crunch. No need for oil. You spin
as you please. You leave when the tool falls asleep.  

from Gozd in kelihi (Wood and Chalices)
translated from the Slovenian by Brian Henry


    Contributor’s Notes: Tomaž Šalamun
    Contributor’s Notes: Brian Henry