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A joint venture of the Department of English at Virginia Commonwealth University and New Virginia Review, Inc.


Levis Remembered      
Welcome to Blackbird's tenth Levis Remembered, a reading loop with a look at the poetry and process of Larry Levis and an introduction to the fourteenth annual Levis Reading Prize winner, Nick Lantz. The prize is given by Larry's family and VCU’s Department of English to the author of a first or second book of poems. Join us in discovering Nick Lantz and in remembering Larry's matchless witness to the last decades of the twentieth century.   Larry Levis
Poems in Sequence    
What compels an author to write a sequence of poems? How does one navigate its challenges and pitfalls in order to reap the rewards? In this suite, Malachi Black, Adam Day, Anita Felicelli, Rebecca Morgan Frank, Douglas S. Jones, Matthew Kaler, Matthew Little, Alessandra Lynch, Nadine Sabra Meyer, and Lisa Russ Spaar explore the motives and machinations of their sequences and provide individual insight into the topic at large.   Anita Felicelli
A Reading by Jesmyn Ward     
Introduced by Patty Smith, Jesmyn Ward reads from her novels Where the Line Bleeds and Salvage the Bones, winner of the 2011 National Book Award, for the Fresh Ink Reading Series at the Library of Virginia. Told from the perspective of Ward's character Esch: “The few dirt-scratched yards and thin-siding houses and trailers of Bois Sauvage seem a sorry match to the woods, like pitting a puppy against a full grown dog.”   Jesmyn Ward

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