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A joint venture of the Department of English at Virginia Commonwealth University and New Virginia Review, Inc.

  Poems in Sequence, a Reading Loop, features work by ten poets working with the sequence, along with their individual commentary. Discover this content among the twenty-eight contributors listed here, or follow the link above to Features for a separate table of contents (and Blackbird's introduction to the Loop).

Amy Beeder
   The Minor Characters As They Appear

Malachi Black
   Sequence Introduction: A Note on "Quarantine"

Traci Brimhall
   Our Lady of the Ruins
   Sans Terre
   To Poison the Lion

Charlie Clark
   Gram Parsons
   Listening to Sun Ra, Birds Convene Outside My Window

Erica Dawson
   Florida Funeral
   Gave Proof
   Langston Hughes’s Grandma Mary Writes a Love Letter to Lewis Leary
        Years After He Dies Fighting at Harper’s Ferry

Adam Day
   Sequence Introduction: Vicious Only When Necessary
      Badger on the Whaler
      Off to Work
      On the Shrink’s Couch

Keith Ekiss
   Electronic News: Nagasaki
   Explaining Shockley
   Russian Winters

Anita Felicelli
   Sequence Introduction: Words No Longer There
      but I to you of a white goat (fragment 40)
      the doorkeeper’s feet are seven armlengths long (fragment 110)
      no more than the bird with piercing voice (fragment 30)
      the one with violets in her lap (fragment 21)

Rebecca Morgan Frank
   Sequence Introduction: Close Quarters
      Santo Tomas

Steve Gehrke

Bob Hicok
   All my love poems are to her and everything and stupid
   The big day
   The missing
   Once more into the breach of an unavoidably American argument
   Practice makes imaginary backhands perfect

Mark Jarman
   Carver by the Sea
   Fall Prayer
   A Swan from Prague

Douglas S. Jones
   Sequence Introduction: Non-Destinations
      Caught in a Conundrum of What He Knows about Food, Sexy Questions His Nerves
      Sexy Speaks to the Conductor

Matthew Kaler
   Sequence Introduction: Broken Saints
      A Letter to the Midwife from the Boxer
      The Lost Boxer
      The Midwife’s Antimony

Joy Katz
   His Sounds
   The Imagination, Drunk with Prohibitions
   Suicide Cascade

Arlene Kim
   Bird Call
   Paper Suns

Nick Lantz
   Amputation Transcript, a Redaction 
   Harry Harlow in the Pit of Despair 
   Lions Are Fed Donkeys in Baghdad Zoo: YouTube 
   “Of Dogges” 
   Waiting with the Donkey 
   “Whether the World be finite, and but one” 

Larry Levis
   Elegy with an Angel at its Gate
   Four Facsimile Drafts

Matthew Little
   Sequence Introduction: Invisible Remains
      Translating Issa #4
      Translating Issa #11
      Translating Issa #32
      Translating Issa #49

Alessandra Lynch
   Sequence Introduction: Telegramming
      AGITATION: book of telegrams
      AGITATION: conduct
      AGITATION: reconciliation

Jamaal May
   Ask What I’ve Been
   Man Matching Description

Nadine Sabra Meyer
   Sequence Introduction: Modest Interiors
      Woman and Child Blowing Bubbles
      Woman Weighing Gold

Matthew Nienow

Diane Seuss
   Either everything is sexual, or nothing is. Take this flock of poppies
   I went downtown and went down

Lisa Russ Spaar
   Sequence Introduction: Offerings
      St. Bed of Snow
      St. Home

H.L. Spelman
   Colonel Lindbergh Returns, 1948
   On the Pennsylvania State Road Atlas
   Still Life

Leon Weinmann

Erica Wright
   In Defense of Ophidia

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