blackbirdonline journalSpring 2013 Vol. 12 No. 1
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Negative Theology

God tells a story, but not the story
           I am listening to. Finger pointing

                                                                      at the moon and I can’t see the moon. But tell that

to God. Some say he’s playing

           hide and seek, and that he’s hiding.
                                                                      I can go on this way, in my Jewishness,

from parable to parable,
           but the whale isn’t a metaphor

                                                                      when Jonah is in it. If I run screaming

down the street, people think not that I am

           afraid, but that I am crazy. I am

                                                                      afraid of understanding why God

is telling a story into the wind, as if
           I am as far from the wind as Jonah

                                                                      in the whale in the sea in the story.
There is nothing I can do—I have a contract

           with the wind that wants to know

                                                                      what I breathe in the belly of the whale

I am not inside. The wind doesn’t care
           if I can hear my own breath, which is

                                                                      the wind, but is really the past.  end

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