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A joint venture of the Department of English at Virginia Commonwealth University and New Virginia Review, Inc.

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Introductions Reading Loop

Alice Bolin
   Landscape: stages
   Landscape: the moon
   Landscape: trillium

Dexter L. Booth
   Love in the Time of Revolution
   May 13th, 2012
   White Dwarves

Claudia Cortese
   Dear Claudia—
   Lucy wraps salmon

Michael Croley
   Passings in the Night

Elizabeth Denton
   Zeke’s Dead

Thomas DeSanto
   Haitian Death Song

Joshua Gottlieb-Miller
   In the Dream I Am Visiting
   Negative Theology
   The Clouds Are Up to My Neck

Cynthia Marie Hoffman
   The Ball of Human Cells Speaks to the Double Helix
   The Homunculus Speaks from the Bed of the Ovarian
      Dermoid Cyst
   The Lambs Wool Strap Speaks from the Gurney, 1915
   No Midwives Can Do What Angels Can

Corey Van Landingham
   I. To Have & To Hold
   II. To Have & To Hold
   III. To Have & To Hold

Wayside Writers Reading Loop

Peter Taylor
   His Other Life

Ben Cleary
   Peter Taylor: The Basement Tapes

Eleanor Ross Taylor
   A First Reader

Remembering Eleanor Ross Taylor 

Casey Clabough
   Room for Only One Cowboy Hat:
      George Garrett, Ramblin’ Man

Daniel Cross Turner
   Review | Confederado: A Novel of the Americas, by Casey Clabough

In Previous Issues
   George Garrett
   Eleanor Ross Taylor
   Peter Taylor

First Novelist Reading Loop

Justin Torres
   from We The Animals
   We Wanted More

A Reading by Justin Torres 

Panel Discussion: Publishing a First Novel 

A Conversation with Justin Torres

Lena Moses-Schmitt
   Review | We the Animals, by Justin Torres

Jake Adam York Remembered

Leia Darwish
   No Comparable Warmth

Susan Settlemyre Williams
   Man of Fire: The Poetry of Jake Adam York

Jake Adam York
   In Previous Issues

Harvey K. Littleton
   A Legacy in Glass
   Founders of American Studio Glass

Claudia Emerson
   Irene Virga Salafia
   Limb Factory
   The Ocularist
   The Opposite House

Chelsea Woodard
   St. Zita

Willie Lin
   Sleeper’s Almanac

Bruce Bond
   The Tree of Forgetting

Stanley Plumly
   After the Tzeltal
   Archaic Torso of the Sun God Apollo as a Star Apple,
      an Oil Lamp, a Broken Mirror
   Winter Coastal Haiku

A Conversation with Stanley Plumly 

Dana Crum
   Portraits of a Former Lover

David Huddle
   from The Faulkes Chronicle

Jehanne Dubrow
   Don’t Have Any Kids Yourself: On Larkin’s “This Be the Verse”

Ellen Caswell
   Story Problem
   To a Girl Named Siberia

Brian Henry
   Four Porches

Susan Grimm
   Appetite: Handbills and Thumbnails
   Locked Up Tight
   Steam from the Blue Closet

Carrie Green
   Fannie Burlingame’s Herbarium
   First Fruit

Lisa Williams
   Aquatic Herd
   Brooding Eels
   To an Exterminator

Judy Halebsky
   Li Po Loved Two Things

Howard Risatti
   United by Ritual

Ellen Bryant Voigt
   Lost Boy

Dana Levin
   Moo and Thrall
   You Have Nothing to Fear

A Conversation with Dana Levin and Matthew Zapruder 

David Wagoner
   At a Press Conference Concerning the Invasion

Miguel Murphy
   The Hungering Eucalyptus

Victoria Chang
   [The boss rises up the boss keeps her job]
   [Once the boss fired a twin the twin was torn in]
   [Some days one day every day I am over like the]
   [There are two ways maybe four there are]

Kristin Marie Kostick
   Handpick the Lame Horses from the Able-Bodied
   Learn to Fight
   Will I Come Back as a Moose or an Aardvark or Something?

Lisa J. Cihlar
   February Angst
   Girl at Nine and Again at Thirteen

Karen Meadows

David Rush
   from Nureyev’s Eyes

Sean Patrick Hill
   Gauguin Among the Tahitians

Lawrence Judson Reynolds
   Love and Death in Newark

Clay Matthews
   Small-Town Suicide

Jeff Baker

Roy Bentley
   On the Difficulty of Pumping High-Octane Gasoline into a
      ’39 Buick Century without Spilling a Drop

Michaux Dempster
   Review | Rescuers of Skydivers Search Among the Clouds, by Patrick Lawler

Claire Keyes
   Review | Dream Cabinet, by Ann Fisher-Wirth

Ross Losapio
   Review | Rousing the Machinery, by Catherine MacDonald

Emilia Phillips
   Review | On the Spectrum of Possible Deaths, by Lucia Perillo

Ella Fuller Maitland and Sir Frederick Pollock
   Incipit Excommunicatio Canina: selections from The Etchingham Letters

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