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Levis Remembered     
Welcome to Blackbird’s annual Levis Remembered reading loop, which features poetry and readings by Larry Levis and introduces the seventeenth winner of the Levis Reading Prize, Roger Reeves. The prize is given by Larry’s family and VCU’s Department of English to a poet for their first or second published book. Poems from Reeves’s collection, King Me (Copper Canyon Press, 2013), appear, along with essays from Gregory Donovan, Kathleen Graber, and David St. John.   Larry Levis
2014 Weinstein Poetry Prize Event     
The Carole Weinstein Poetry Prize Event was held on April 9, 2014 at the Carole and Marcus Weinstein Jewish Community Center in Richmond, Virginia. The event featured a reading and panel discussion with the prize’s curators and past winners, including Kelly Cherry, Claudia Emerson, Henry Hart, Brian Henry, Elizabeth Seydel Morgan, Donald E. Selby, Jr., Ron Smith, Lisa Russ Spaar, and David Wojahn.   David Wojahn
A Poetic Principles Reading: Paula Champa, Emilia Phillips, and Joshua Poteat     
At a Poetic Principles event held at the Library of Virginia on May 27, 2014, three graduates from VCU’s MFA Program in Creative Writing, who are beginning to make their mark in the literary world, read from their recent works. Paula Champa reads a selection from her debut novel, The Afterlife of Emerson Tang. Emilia Phillips reads poems from her new manuscript, Groundspeed, and Joshua Poteat reads from his upcoming poetry collection, The Regret Histories.   Paula Champa
Familiar Scars vs. Original Intent:
A Photo Restoration Case
In this issue, we present our first BirdLab Feature as part of a new “open process initiative.” This feature examines the restoration of a photo of Larry Levis in David Freed’s studio, circa 1993, that appears in this issue’s Gallery and as part of the Levis Reading Loop. Blackbird will continue to publish content-related cases for at-large readers. In addition, we will write about more technical and technological problems and solutions in a blog external to the journal.   Larry Levis

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