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A joint venture of the Department of English at Virginia Commonwealth University and New Virginia Review, Inc.

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Virginia Commission for the Arts

Culture Works


Taylor Altman
   A Delicate Balance

Aaron Apps
   from Dear Herculine

Beth Bachmann
   bright one

Sarah Barber
   Gender Studies
   How to Survive

Lindsay Bernal
   An Early Nude by Rothko

Michelle Chan Brown

George David Clark
   The Past a Sanctuary Staffed by Poltergeists
   The Peace

Mark Cox
   Chutes and Ladders
   The Storm-torn Edge of Heaven

Norman Dubie

Camille Dungy
   Frequently Asked Questions: 1
   Frequently Asked Questions: 2
   Notes on What is Always With Us

Claudia Emerson
   Bird Ephemera
   A Partial Ledger: Dr. C.D. Bennett

Raina Lauren Fields
   Salvation, or Tupac is Alive in Jersey City, New Zealand

translated from the Urdu by M. Shahid Alam
   [Inside the heart, love carps it lacks space.]
   [One life, a thousand wishes, each to die for slowly.]
   [You stopped just short of the highest note.]
   [What will my friends do when all their gambits fail?]

Sarah Giragosian

Carolyn Guinzio
   The Pines

Spencer Hanvik
   Regret Economies
   Wolves Grovel at the Gate of a Fourteenth Century Hermitage

David Hernandez
   Parking FAQ
   The Prophecies of B.B. Guthrie
   The Universe

Kate Rutledge Jaffe
   Said Agatha

James Henry Knippen
   Bedroom (In the Ear)

Patrick Lawler
   Dear Bose-Einstein Condensate

Larry Levis
   Elegy Ending in the Sound of a Skipping Rope

Ross Losapio
   Hephaestus as Midwife
   Holiness, Again

Michael McMahon
   Cleopatra in the Club Car

Joshua Poteat
   Department of Aerial Photography

Wyatt Prunty
   Small Facts

Roger Reeves
   poems from King Me
   Cross Country
   In a Brief, Animated World: The Marriage of Anne of Denmark to James of Scotland, 1589
   Self-Portrait as Ernestine “Tiny” Davis
   Romanticism (the Blue Keats)

Sara Quinn Rivara
   Lake Ice
   Road to Canaan
   The Swan Girl

Laura Sobbott Ross
   Paul’s Daughter
   The Study of Tragedy

Kyla Sterling
   The Villain & the Helpless One
   This Life with Bees

Margo Taft Stever
   Idiot’s Guide to Counting

Ken Taylor
   how to draw seven circles
   winter landscape with newspaper & dog

Colin Thacher

Lindsay Tigue

Sarah Trudgeon
   Drugstore Baby
   My Pet Baby
   The Third Book of Moses, Called Leviticus

Sharon Wang
   Elegy Addressed (Atom Cloud, Hand)

William Kelley Woolfitt
   My Father as Weather Formation
   My Mother as Harp Seal, as Sacristan

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