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Accompanying Instruments
Selected Photos of Claudia Emerson

The photos published here represent, to a very small degree, Claudia Emerson’s connection to music. Kent Ippolito, Emerson’s husband, has kindly provided brief contextual information that appears in the captions. He states: “I’m afraid I don’t really know the photo credit for many of these—they were mostly collected on various devices over the years.” As always, Blackbird is grateful to Ippolito for allowing and advising on this Reading Loop in her honor.

Triptych of images from Claudia Emerson’s Study
 The pressed flower was one she collected while we were in Sicily. She was immersed in/writing about little Rosalia,
 and while we were actually on the ground there in Palermo, she picked this tiny flower and pressed it in her journal.
 We framed it when we returned home (to Fredericksburg), and we hung it on the wall in her study here in Richmond.
 It hangs there now.
 Photo by Lauren Miner

from Claudia Emerson’s Study (detail)
 The printed-out picture of the young Doc Watson was just something one of us found on the
 internet. (It probably predates his being known as “Doc,” so he was probably “Arthel” at that
 time.) Claudia had long been fascinated with Doc and had planned to write about him.

Claudia Emerson and Kent Ippolito
 Claudia was often asked to speak about the connection of music and poetry, and we would often perform some of our
 songs, so I would travel with a guitar.

Claudia Emerson and Kent Ippolito
 Claudia Emerson and Kent Ippolito


Claudia Emerson and Kent Ippolito
 Claudia Emerson and Kent Ippolito

Claudia Emerson, Kent Ippolito, and William Logan
 William Logan reading at Sewanee (I can’t recall the year). We occasionally were William Logan’s backup band.


Kent Ippolito and Claudia Emerson at Grave’s Mountain Lodge.
 Kent Ippolito and Claudia Emerson at Grave’s Mountain Lodge.

Claudia Emerson and Kent Ippolito
 From the early 2000s, probably 2005 or earlier. We had written a number of songs, and we did a few gigs and guest
 sets around that time. This one shows us at a Fredericksburg Songwriter Showcase event.

Claudia Emerson and Lucinda Williams
 Claudia holding our cat, Lucinda Williams, about 2002. A wary, clever, moody little kitten, found in a window well at
 Mary Washington College, rescued by a neighbor, and adopted by us. Claudia thought the name was fitting.

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