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Colin Bailes
   Between the Fields of Then and Now

Aliki Barnstone
   Of Beauty and Suffering: Greece, 1969–1970
   They Don’t Want You to Forget Who’s in Charge

Fleda Brown
   Walking in the Spring Grasses
   Wild Sweet Pea

Michael Chitwood
   The Lake in Winter
   Practicing His Signature

Stephanie Choi
   Poem Written in My Grandmother’s Dress
   Portrait of Louisa Cobb Thompson by an Unidentified Chinese Artist

Nicole Cooley
   Mother Water Ash
   New Orleans Love Poem
   Sixteen Years to the Day Another Hurricane Reverses

Dorsey Craft
   Essay Against Metaphor
   Ode to the Stroller We Bought from Facebook

Claudia Emerson
   Piano Fire
   Stringed Instrument Collection

Jennifer Franklin
   Lucia Anna and Anna Livia—Both Named by James Joyce

Hayley Graffunder
   Like Riding a Bike

Stephen Haven
   Chagall’s Song of Songs III

Nicole Homer
   One of us is still alive and will prove it.
   The shortest sentence in my autobiography is one word

Carolina Hotchandani
   Somehow History

Jesse Lee Kercheval

Danielle Kotrla

Julia B. Levine
   Cimex lectularius Linnaeus
   The Storm
   Your Body in Transit from Ice to Fire

Ibe Liebenberg
   CPR @ 2pm
   don’t bring your 6-year-old daughter to a wild horse auction, just bring a horse home

Margaret Mackinnon
   For the Last Man on Portsmouth Island

Nonnus of Panopolis
translated from Homeric Greek by Denise Low and Christian Teresi
   Dionysiaca, Book 38

Kate Northrop
   The Director
   The Pickup’s

Suphil Lee Park
translating Hwang Jini and Kim Wooncho
   Five Translations

Rebecca Poynor
   Poem with Mississippi Honeybees
   Windowless Place

Steve Scafidi
   Selections from The Magic Life

Heidi Seaborn
   At the Prado
   Zuihitsu of LA in Conversation with David Hockney

Mazzy Sleep

Anna Tomlinson
   Cross-Quarter Days

Alison Townsend
   Emily Dickinson’s Maid Remembers
   The Zoologist’s Daughter

Corey Van Landingham
   American Four Square
   Blood Moon
   A Certain Epicharis
   The End of the Life of Giorgione Da Castelfranco, Venetian Painter

Waverley Vesely
   Portrait of Madame X
   Small Songs of the Body

Jonathan Weinert
   The Drain
   My Father’s Voice

Jim Whiteside
   The Eye Is the First Circle

Caitlin Wilson
   The Offices of Grief

Brandon Young
   Palmetto Train
   Wreck Name: Unknown No. 3


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