blackbird spring 2002 vol.1 no. 1



Drawings: Larry Levis

During Larry's brief time in Richmond, I spent time with him. I did several portraits of him because he was quite interesting to watch with his profuse, loose gestures and double jointedness. We collaborated, thanks to a Virginia Commonwealth University faculty research grant, on two works: a broadside with his "The Two Trees," and a book with the two etchings, the drawings for which are included here, and his poem "Elegy with a Thimbleful of Water in the Cage."

Several years ago, we spent the day in the National Gallery. I took him especially to see the Rembrandts. Looking at the truly great, late self-portrait, Larry remarked, "The eyes remind me of Phil," of his beloved teacher Philip Levine.

What a wonderful comment from a true open heart.

—David Freed, 1996  

 Larry Levis    Drawing for "Elegy with a Thimbleful of
 Water in the Cage"