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Tracking the Muse: Four Writers on Process
October 19, 2007

This summer, Blackbird editors contacted the writers featured in our Introductions Reading Loop and asked them to open a window in some way onto their creative process. Four responded, and we think that you will agree that their efforts enhance the poems and stories that we chose to call to your attention.

  Kathy Davis
An Interview with Camille Zakharia  audio icon
October 4, 2007

Camille Zakharia’s tri-part Elusive Homelands, documented in this issue of Blackbird's Gallery, was on display at Virginia Commonwealth University’s Doha, Qatar campus October 4 through November 8, 2006. Interviewed by contributing editor Jeff Lodge, Zakharia discusses how his own displacement, and the unlikely prospect of immigrants returning home, informs his paintings and photo-collages.

  Camille Zakharia
The Dear Boy                               
July 3, 2007

We welcome Dan O'Brien back to Blackbird. His play, Key West, appeared in v2n2, Fall 2003. Of his latest contribution, a play in four scenes, O’Brien writes “The Dear Boy was written a few years ago, when I was remembering some teachers who seemed to dislike me unfairly, comically even, and trying to imagine the student I’d been, someone who might invite, if not deserve, their disdain.”

Red Guitar No. 3: The Only Emperor       
June 1, 2007

Red Guitar, a column by poet and critic Ron Smith, resumes in this issue with “The Only Emperor.”
This June 1, 2007 Feature has also been linked under Nonfiction. Previous Red Guitar columns “Beyond Irony” and “Larkin’s Eggs” appear in Blackbird v4n2 and v5n1, respectively. Links to these previous columns can be found at the footer of this issue’s column.

  Ron Smith
Introductions: A Reading Loop                
May 10, 2007

Each spring we bring your attention to writers and visual artists whose work you may be encountering for the first time. This group includes contributors who have already made their way to lists and anthologies acclaiming their remarkable work. We expect that you will be glad to discover them now—and to hear of them again later in their careers, as you no doubt will.

  Ann Germanicos

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