blackbird online journal spring 2002 vol.1 no. 1


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Below is the order in which the editors suggest you might wish to read, view, and listen to the current issue of Blackbird. This list only reflects content published with the issue on May 7th. For additional content added over the life of the issue, see Features.  


Anne Germanacos
   Until We Go To Sleep

Richard Jespers
   Basketball Is Not a Drug

William Henry Lewis
   Three Missives

Beth Ann Fennelly
   The Kudzu Chronicles  audio icon

Henry Hart
   Escape from the Chengsin Mission

Ann Fisher-Wirth
   J'ai fait la magique étude du bonheur  audio icon

Michael Griffith
   Possum Agonistes
      from Trophy: A Novel

Kathy Davis
   Holding For the Farrier
   Mrs. Cannon Passes the Parthenon on Her Way Home from Work
   Three A.M.

Camille Zakharia
   Elusive Homelands  audio icon

Margaret Gibson
   The Queen of Hearts

John Allman
   A Fine Romance

Michael Kardos
   Population 204

Leigh Anne Couch
   I am not a man; I am dynamite

Nicole Cooley
   The Speaking Book

Twilight Greenaway

Adam Day
   Arriving Gdansk Harbor, 2000: The Women We Have Left
   June 1910, Susquehanna Valley

David Huddle
   The Mayor of Glory River

Kevin Hamilton
   Department of Rhythmanalysis  video icon

Ellen Bryant Voigt
   A Conversation With Ellen Bryant Voigt  audio icon

Hal Crowther
   Long Walks on the Wild Side—Robert D. Richardson, Biographer

Robert D. Richardson
   A Talk by Robert D. Richardson  audio icon

Maggie Schwed
   From Omphalos

Maggie Smith
   Seven Disappointments (2)

Paula Bohince

Ronda Broatch
   Woman goes out into damp December

Kavita Dorai
   A Distant Death

Court Merrigan
   The 30-Kilometer Walk

AJ Liberto

Laura Browder
   If This Is Tuesday, It Must Be Montgomery:
   Adventures in Documentary Filmmaking  audio icon   video icon

Danielle Hanson
   Lemon Breast of the Virgin Mary

Renée Ashley
   In England, the Formidible Ms X Takes Directions From Some Guy Named Z

Catherine Daly

Diane Seuss
   i lie back on my red coverlet and contemplate
   prayer that goes: dear god

John Ravenal
   Recently Acquired: Kehinde Wiley's Willem van Heythuysen

Michael Snediker
   Casa Dei Dioscuri

Paula Cisewski
   Telescope Psalm
   Tyros’ World Tour

Mary Cresswell
   When They Lost the Plot We Had Only the Notes To Go On

Dana Littlepage Smith
   The Quiet Transvestite In Spring

Kevin McFadden

Ron Slate
   Friday Night Fights in Florida: Contention From Wallace Stevens to Jay Hopler

Anna Journey
   Book Review | Dummy Fire, by Sarah Vap

Michele Poulos
   Book Review | Sufficient Grace, by Darnell Arnoult

Amy Unsworth
   Book Review | Five Terraces, by Ann Fisher-Wirth