blackbirdonline journalSpring 2010  Vol. 9  No. 1
Marilyn Freeman

Marilyn Freeman is an interdisciplinary, multimedia artist, and filmmaker. The Olympia Film Society presented her collected work, CinemaDivina: New Works, in May 2009. The CinemaDivina short, “Hope,” was exhibited at Powerhouse Arena in 2009, and “Reverence” is currently screening online at Following a lengthy festival and educational run, Freeman’s experimental feature film Group (2002) was released on DVD(Frameline, 2009). Freeman’s film Meeting Magdalene (1995) played festivals worldwide and inspired her short story collection Meeting Magdalene (Naiad Press, 1996). Among her many awards and accolades, Freeman received a Media Arts Fellowship and a Gap Grant for her screenplay Sophisticated: The Hollywood Story of Miss Dorothy Arzner. Presently, Freeman is in postproduction with The R Word, a feature–length documentary film. She is cofounder of the media arts studio, Wovie, and is a Visiting Artist at The Evergreen State College.  end

Photo by Anne de Marcken