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Acknowledgements and Biographical Notes

spacer Inscription "C. Bywater From EFM, July 1895. Assumed to be a photograph of Ella Fuller Maitland

The text of The Etchingham Letters (Smith, Elder & Co., 1899) is taken from an Internet Archive electronic edition digitized from the collections of Harvard University.

Late in our process of editing and searching for accompanying images, we looked at a seventh impression (third edition) of the book published in 1906, available as an electronic edition from Google Books. This later edition added two of the principal animals, Tracy and Trelawny, to the list of characters, a helpful (and necessary) signposting we took further by listing even more animals in our character list. The later edition included a time span for the novel and individual dates for the letters; we also added these dates to our presentation.


Ella Fuller Maitland, four years before The Etchingham Letters, published Pages From the Day-book of Bethia Hardacre (Chapman and Hall, 1895). In a digitized volume of Hardacre available from Google Books, Mateland has initialed the book to a C. Bywater. Above the inscription is a photograph of a reclining woman reading a book; we infer, from the shadowed edge, that the photo was pasted in, perhaps by Maitland upon signing. We're supposing the image may be of Maitland herself.

At this writing, however, we are still searching for biographical information on Maitland; a reviewer in Country Life Illustrated (April 29, 1899) writes of The Etchingham Letters: “Mrs. Fuller Maitland treats her readers to some weirdly real descriptions of Scottish scenery, passages the more remarkable because they were written on an invalid’s sofa in London.”

Ella Fuller Maitland is also the author of a number of other books, including three from publisher Chapman and Hall, Pages from the Day-book of Bethia Hardacre (1895), The Saltonstall Gazette (1896), The Song-book of Bethia Hardacre (1897), followed by More Pages from the Day-book of Bethia Hardacre (Constable, 1907).


spacer Sir Frederick Pollock spacer

Sir Frederick Pollock is known chiefly as an English jurist, an author of texts on English law, and a correspondent with US Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes.

He was also a professor of law at the University of Oxford and the first editor of The Law Quarterly Review, founded 1885.

Pollock’s books range from his translation into English of Dante's The Divine Comedy (Chapman and Hall, 1854) to a book of comic verse recouting legal cases, Leading Cases Done into English (Macmillan, 1876). More typically, he was the author of many texts on the law, including The Principle of Contract Law and in Equity (Steven and Sons, 1876), Essays in Jurisprudence and Ethics (Macmillan, 1882), and The Genius of the Common Law (Columbia University Press, 1912).  end of text

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