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photos and commentary offered by Kent Ippolito

Claude Lennox Emerson

Claude Lennox Emerson


Claude Emerson and Mollie Compton

Claude Emerson and Mollie Compton


Claude and Molly

Claude and Molly



Kent Ippolito and Claudia Emerson, Cincinnati, ca. 2007

Me [Kent Ippolito] and Claudia, Cincinnati, ca. 2007.


Claudia Emerson and Kent Ippolito

I can’t recall exactly, but it may have been the AWP conference in D.C.


Poet Natalie E. Illum’s amphibrach tattoo.

The poet Natalie E. Illum’s amphibrach tattoo. Natalie was one of Claudia’s beloved students at Mary Washington College. In 2014, Claudia had an iamb tattooed onto her wrist. In support of her, a number of fellow poets and friends followed suit. Many sent such images to Claudia and to me.


Claudia Emerson at Stony Man Mountain

One of our favorite hikes was the Passamaquoddy Trail in the Shenandoah National Park. The trail connects with the Stony Man Mountain trail. This is at that peak.


Claudia Emerson

This was taken at our home in Fredericksburg Virginia (by me).  

Kent Ippolito is a musician who has performed and recorded in a variety of styles including bluegrass, rock, folk, jazz, blues, and more. He and his late wife, the poet Claudia Emerson, performed together and collaborated as songwriters before her death in 2014. Ippolito lives in Richmond, Virginia.

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