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Mikhail Aizenberg
translated from Russian by Boris Kokotov
   It’s quiet here—except for a squeaking stroller
   It’s really nice around here
   A Plot

Susan Aizenberg
   After Reading the News This Morning, I Turn to the Curses of My Ancestors: A Found Poem
   Eleanor Remembers Her Soldier
   Now That You’re Nowhere

Francesca Bell
   Intention Tremor
   The Way Some People Laugh at Funerals

Fleda Brown
   Picnic, with Geese

Kenneth Chacón
   Christ in a Cholo Stance
   Letter to Neighbor after We Moved to the Good Part of Town

Julia Kolchinsky Dasbach
   Week 25: Rutabaga

Carol Ann Davis
   From this blue born
   Looking for God (its big machine)
   What is the layer

Claudia Emerson
   The Bookmobile Lady: Pittsylvania County, Virginia
   On Leaving the Body to Science

Jennifer Franklin
   Annunciation, without Angel
   Reading about the Lost Children of Tuam
   Still Life with Gold

Kathleen Heil
   Collection & Identification

Jaimee Hills
   Inheritance of Fire

TJ Jarrett
   The Cantor
   The Children (Part II)
   Jennary: Hinterland

Robert Lynn
   Luck Left Over for Those Who Lose Games of Russian Roulette

Margaret Mackinnon
   Adoration of the Magi, ca. 1475
   Looking for Virginia Dare

David Moolten
   The Kite

William Olsen
   As Cheer Passed by a Death Bed
   Shaken, as of Things That Are Made
   Three Versions of an Underpass, Somewhere outside Houston

Felicity Sheehy
   Apollo Catches Daphne
   At Ten
   My Mother Has Had It with the Tragedies

Samyak Shertok
   In the Year of the Earth
   King Vulture
   Riflesong of a Dalit Comrade
   A Small Talk

James Tate
   Nine Posthumous Poems

Tomas Tranströmer
translated from Swedish by Patty Crane
   After a Long Drought
   The Black Mountains
   The Boat—The Village
   From Winter 1947

Ranjana Varghese
   My Brother the Artist, at Seven

Matthew Wimberley
   Death in the Reeds
   The Silence

Chelsea Woodard
   At the Lepidopterist’s House


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