blackbird spring 2002 vol.1 no. 1




Myron Helfgott's Literary/Criticism is a group of mixed-media pieces—some with kinetic components—composed of written texts, still images, and simultaneous audio texts. In a physical gallery space, where these works are usually found, viewers approach a work to discern individual sounds or voices.

While Blackbird cannot (yet) recreate a virtual 3D exhibition space with kinetic machinery and the rich buzzing of a roomful of simultaneous audio, we endeavor to give you an essential taste of Helfgott's work. Step forward. Turn up your speakers and enjoy.  

Below you may enter the show for a sequential viewing, or select individual works by clicking thumbnails on the Table of Works or Credits page; in addition we offer Dinah Ryan's essay, "Helfgott's Parade," commenting on the artist's work.

   Contributor's notes