blackbirdonline journalSpring 2023  Vol. 21  No.3

Since 2007 we have invited contributors featured in our annual Introductions Loop to comment on their creative process. This year, Colin Bailes, Hayley Graffunder, Danielle Kotrla, Rebecca Poynor, Waverley Vesely, Caitlin Wilson, and Brandon Young step up to the task.

Colin Bailes Colin Bailes
   The Voice of the Poem

This document is merely the toolbox from which I grab the precise instrument the poem requires. The poem begins as a feeling and is an insufficient . . .

Hayley Graffunder   Hayley Graffunder

The tug-of-war between narrative and lyric hasn’t settled in my work. Where each poem lands on that spectrum depends on the type of memory . . .

Danielle Kotrla   Danielle Kotrla
   The “Invisible” Path

I find myself writing ceaselessly about place, about how philosophy and meaning are inherently tied up with the landscapes of our lives, however . . .

Rebecca Poynor   Rebecca Poynor
   Liminality, Place, and Poetry

I am always going back to familiar places in my poetry, places that I am now completely or at least partially separate from. Many of my poems . . .

Waverley Vesely   Waverley Vesely
   Phenomenological Thresholds of Art, Poetry, and Perception

My poems are driven by a need to make the process of sight visible, an attempt to make my self that exists in a body that is not my body begin to be . . .

Caitlin Wilson   Caitlin Wilson
    Invisible Mountains

I have a scattered muse, so when I write I spend my time arranging details from accumulated thoughts and images I jot down now and then. It starts . . .

Brandon Young   Brandon Young
    The Places We Inherit

I feel just as strongly in the connections that can be found within the archive or within the historical as I do in the connections lyric movement can . . .

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