blackbird spring 2002 vol.1 no. 1


GEORGE FERRANDI  |  Superhero, Sidekick, Gaggle of Ghosts

  All The Tiny Departures (detail)


“Something about this,” writes visual artist George Ferrandi, "is like reading and writing a book at the same time."

Ferrandi's installation, Leaving Visibility, appeared as part of a four artist show, Rent to Own, on the Virginia Commonwealth University campus, spring 2005.

While Leaving Visibility centers on Lily, an invisible white wolf, Blackbird documents in this issue —from four previous mixed-media installations in New York state and San Antonio, Texas—a larger cast of characters: Super Silver Monkey, Chavish, Sing, and Ch-Ch-Charlotte.

Ferrandi's stand-alone installations bring us into the interstices of her characters’ interconnected histories, allowing—perhaps demanding—our participation in the artist's personal mythology of superhero, sidekick, and failed rescues.

Begin with the Artist's Introduction below. Continue to explore from Character & Detail Menus on subsequent pages. Wander the links. Stay as long as you like. "After all," Ferrandi advises us, "they’re your secrets."