blackbird online journal spring 2002 vol.1 no. 1
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Dilruba Ahmed

Dan Albergotti
   Days Spent in One of the Other Worlds

Craig Beaven
   American Landscape Painting
   My Father and the Quail

Elinor Benedict
   Usually My Dreams Mean Nothing

Linda Bierds
   Meriwether and the Magpie

Victoria Chang
   Salvinia Molesta
   Two Trains

Daniel Coudriet
   Necessary Authorities

Michelle Detorie
   Three Divinations

Rebecca Dunham

Nancy Taylor Everett
   Juliet and Dark
   Juliet and Heaven
   Juliet and Air
   Juliet and Fire

Richard Garcia
   Ashes of Roses
   Eradication of Exotic Pests

Steve Gehrke
   Caravaggio’s The Death of the Virgin
   From a Distance, I Saw Bird
   From The Machine Gunner’s Letters

Douglas Goetsch

James Hoch
   Night Crabbing



Lesley Jenike
   Three Go to the Zoo

Larry Levis
   In 1967

Ada Limón
   Safe From Trains

Dave Lucas
   Still Life

Karyna McGlynn
   Epistle to Elsner on the Eve of his 34th Birthday
   Under the Volente Raft

Allan Peterson
   Disposing of the Body
   Of Course
   Self Knowledge

Spencer Reece
   Florida Ghazals

David Roderick
   The Carriage Road
   Rothko’s Earth and Green, 1955

Peter Jay Shippy
   Red Elegy

Christine Stewart
   Memory of What I Should Regret
   National Poetry Month

Susan Terris
   Selektion: The Painted Girl

Emily Warn
   Alef: Seeding the Alphabet
   Beit: The House of Musing

Emily Watson
   Sanctuary in the Dome City

Carolyne Wright
   In the Yeats Class, Summer Term

Dave Zoby
   Jamaican Kids on a Painted Skiff