blackbird spring 2002 vol.1 no. 1


KARINA PEISAJOVICH  |  Painting, Light, & Shadow


Untitled, VCU Anderson Gallery, Richmond, VA, US, 2005
Halogen light, color filters, timer, water based paint, vinyl and paper. Loop.

At a time when Karina Peisajovich's paintings were beginning to get quite a lot of acclaim and interest from galleries and collectors, for whatever peculiar reason in her artistic approach, she made quite a risky and radical move from the canvas, from the more or less two-dimensional painting into the real space of architecture with a kind of hybrid painting that occurs on the walls, on the floor, and uses sometimes sculptural elements, projected light, and whatnot.

These works are quite simply magical. They’re intelligent. They’re dealing with profound issues, painterly issues. But they have an intense impact on the viewer, as if you’re standing inside a painting all of the sudden, which is like a new world. She’s a masterful user of color. Rather than painting light or shadow, she’s quite literally using real light and real shadow.

—Gregory Volk

In September of 2005, while a visiting faculty member for the School of the Arts at Virginia Commonwealth University, artist Karina Peisajovich presented a talk and slide show of her work and process to VCU students and faculty. Please open the Artist's Talk link below to find our documentation of this talk in which Peisajovich traces the movement of her work from the canvas to entire gallery spaces.