blackbird online journal spring 2002 vol.1 no. 1


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Susan Settlemyre Williams
   Claudia Emerson: An Appreciation

R. H. W. Dillard
   Ten Poems from What Is Owed the Dead

Sarah Vap
   Are you expressing a desire to know me?
   Breast-Feeding Across America
   The Cow Can’t Fear Something Eternal
   Horses Remember How
   Mark Time
   Night Bath, Sagittarius

Terri Witek
   Kimono Pulled Up as Bedclothes (Willow)
   Stiff-Edged Kimono (Ruffled Iris)
   Reading to Children
   Right Over Left

A Conversation with Rodney Jones

Lorraine Adams
   Fourth Annual VCU First Novelist Award Reading  
   An Interview with Lorraine Adams

Anne Germanacos
   Adam and Eva

Jennifer Chang
   Field Guide to the Night Sky

Margaret Gibson
   East Window, Moon

Kathy Flann

John Allman
   News from Home
   Reading Andrew Marvell
   This Time

Lorene Lamothe

Catherine Pierce
   This Is Not an Elegy

R. T. Smith

Sheri Reynolds
   Orabelle’s Wheelbarrow

Sandra Beasley
   She Falls Asleep in Strange Places

Elizabeth Seydel Morgan
   The Melancholy Tailor

Martin Walls

Misty Urban
   Still Life with Dog

Benjamin S. Jones
   Deployable Structures & Selected Work

Alison Stine
   Everything Is an Instrument

Becca Barniskis
   From the Letters of Mrs. Henrietta Shuck

William Jay Smith
   The Straw Market: A Comedy

Karina Peisajovich
   Painting, Light, & Shadow

Mary Lee Allen
   Review | Green Stars, by Charlotte Hilary Matthews

Jennifer Merrifield
   Review | A Shot in the Canon’s Mouth: Catherine Wing’s Enter Invisible

Ed Skoog

Jehanne Dubrow
   Ars Poetica
   Charm Against a Broken Tongue

Scott Yarbrough

Christine Perrin
   Prisoner of War Camp, Pine Grove Furnace
   Spring Poem

Susan Settlemyre Williams
   Review | Murder Ballads, by Jake Adam York

In Memoriam: Richard Carlyon