blackbird spring 2002 vol.1 no. 1





On Site Artists' Project: Shigeo Kawashima is made possible by a generous grant from the Japan Foundation.

Hosting Shigeo Kawashima as an artist-in-residence was an immensely enjoyable experience for everyone concerned. We are indebted to him for making the long trek from his home to work on site at the center and for sharing with us a remarkable process and outcome. To the collectors who so kindly lent works to this exhibition, we extend our heartfelt thanks.

The VACR is grateful to the Japan Foundation’s Exhibitions Abroad Support Program for generously underwriting Kawashima’s residency and exhibition. It was a great pleasure to have another opportunity to work with Robert Coffland and his knowledgeable staff at TAI Gallery, whose unfailing assistance was essential to the realization of this project. We also thank the Yarn Lounge in Carytown and Harrisville Designs for their help.

Miyuki Nishiuchi graciously volunteered her time and talent as an interpreter, ensuring that nothing was lost in translation. Students Christina Boy, Kathleen Cahill, Miguel Ludert, and Julie Schneider ably assisted Kawashima over the course of his stay. Richmond-based filmmaker David Williams tenaciously captured every stage of the sculptor’s progress, with the aim of producing a documentary feature on the project. As with each exhibition we undertake, VACR facilities technician Michael Lease, assisted by Christopher Wiedeman, contributed to the development and implementation of this installation in vital ways. The enthusiastic participation of all these individuals is deeply appreciated.

The annual series On Site / Artists’ Projects supports the creation of site-specific works that stretch traditional boundaries and expectations, giving both artist and audience new challenges and opportunities for interaction. Previous installments of the series have featured commissions by Kristin Caskey (2001), Whitfield Lovell (2002), Sheila Pepe (2003), Wendy Ewald (2004), and Nancy Blum (2005).

                                                             —Ashley Kistler
                                                                Curator, Visual Arts Center of Richmond  blackbird bug