blackbird online journal spring 2002 vol.1 no. 1
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Jeff Baker
   Three Fluid Graces

Rebecca Black
   Wakulla Springs
   Studies from Life
   Sweet Transmigrations
   Tolberton County, 1923

Elizabeth Bradfield
   Snow Goggles: Whalebone and Sinew
   Polar Explorer #2

Robin Ekiss
   Meanwhile Under the Shade Palms
   The Lady Vanishes

Susan Elbe
   With a Leaf in Her Fist
   Eden in the Rearview Mirror

Leonard Gontarek

Carolyn Guinzio

Anne Haines
   Opening the Hive

Douglas S. Jones
   A Gathering of Transits
   Three Days after the Storm

Sally Rosen Kindred 
   Prayer For Mrs. Snead

David Dodd Lee

Larry Levis  audio icon
   Some Grass Along a Ditch Bank
   In the City of Light
   My Story in a Late Style of Fire

Sandy Longhorn
   Dispatch From the Outpost
   Winter Psalm

Robert Lopez
   Somewhere Other Than Florida

Tomás Q. Morín
   The Life of the Party



Valerie Nieman
   Adam and Eve as Fire and Water

Bryan Penberthy
   The End of Free Love
   Noah Studies

Sam Pereira
   On a Day When Rocks Can Think

Sylvia Plath
   Ennui  (introduction and text)

Paisley Rekdal
   Song with Dog and Cemetery
   Edward Curtis’ “Good Lance: Oglala”

Rachel Richardson
   Children Born After the War
   Louisiana’s Swamps

Alan Shapiro

Ron Slate  audio icon
   General Sweeney dies at 84
   Granite City
   Apparition of the Virgin
   The Incentive of the Maggot

Terese Svoboda
   Motion Makes Us Cough
   Love Light (Shadenfreude)
   Selected Imagery Based on Physical Gesture
   Control C

Laura Van Prooyen
   Males Often Have Brilliant Colors
   An Uncertain Sky Makes Her Wary of Stillness

Mark Yakich
   Funeral Direction

Jake Adam York
   At Liberty
   For Reverend James Reeb
   For Lamar Smith