blackbird spring 2002 vol.1 no. 1




Nestled in the reaching arm of Cape Cod is a little-known clothier.

Critters (detail)

In the passion of outfitting customers from far-flung reaches of history, Critters provides for train-hopping hobos, blood-letting witches, and seaworthy preppies.

Critters (detail)

Critters is a friendly shopping environment for all walks of life spanning the eons of the past. Come, flip through the pages, see what Critters has to offer you and your family.

Critters (detail)

After launching the project below, simply click on one of the words in the title page (Witches, Hobos, or Preppies) and when the images appear, click on your favorite one to see it on a piece of clothing. For the more discerning customer, click on the apparel to see a larger version.

The original drawings were done in graphite on paper. A variety of sources were used from J. Crew catalogs to antique books on witchcraft and hobo culture. The original works were done on paper, 13 x 18 inches, and the symbols on the Flash page are layed out as I drew them.

—AJ Liberto  Blackbird bug      Launch Project

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