Blackbird Fall 2007  Vol. 6 No. 2



   Excerpts from Chicago: A Commonplace Novel

Amey Miller was born in Reno, Nevada in 1947, and has lived in Chapel Hill, North Carolina since 1973.  She has published fiction in the American Literary Review, non-fiction sketches in The Sun, and a translation of Osip Mandelstam’s “The Horseshoe Finder” in the Carolina Quarterly.  Miller took an MA in Slavic Languages from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and an MFA from Warren Wilson College.  The completed project excerpted and adapted here, Chicago: a commonplace novel, has been in the making for close to 20 years. 

Photo by Louanne Watley

KRISTIN POSEHN  (not pictured)
Kristin Posehn, designer of Chicago: a commonplace novel, is an artist.  Most recently, she had a solo exhibition at the Netwerk Gallery, Aalst, Belgium. She is also a contributor to 25 Under 25: Up-and-Coming American Photographers (powerHouse Books, 2003). end of text