Blackbird an online journal of literature and the arts Fall 2007  Vol. 6 No. 2


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Below is the order in which the editors suggest you might wish to read, view, and listen to the current issue of Blackbird. This list only reflects content published with the issue November 2007. For additional content added over the life of the issue, see Features.  

Charles Wright
   Six poems from Sestets

William Olsen & David Wojahn
   In Praise of Darkness: An Exchange  

Beth Ann Fennelly
   Say You Waved: A Dream Song Cycle  audio icon

Raza Ali Hasan
   From 67 mogul miniatures

Julia Johnson

Jill McCorkle
   Going Away Shoes

Yasmine Rana
   Kabul Revisited from The War Zone is My Bed

Larry Levis
    Levis at Laurel and China

Larry Levis
   Winter Stars  audio icon

James Hoch
   Problem with Windows
   Morning After the Prom

Chris Abani
   There are No Names for Red

Joshua Weiner
  Vita Nuova
  Weegee: Coney Island Beach after Midnight

Ron Slate
   Book Review | From the Book of Giants, by Joshua Weiner

Zane Kotker
   The Boy Who Walked to Distant Lands

Gerald Donato
   Reinventing the Game

Michael Chitwood
   Amen to the Ax

Margaret Gibson

Cyan James
   the honky tonk blues bar

Sruthi Thekkiam
   Friday Afternoons on Bus Number 51

Victoria Chang
   After Hanging Mao Posters
   Postmortem Examination on the Body of Clifford Baxter

Keith Ekiss
   Pima Road Notebook (I)
   Pima Road Notebook (II)

Louie Skipper

Margrét Blöndal
   A Conversation with Margrét Blöndal  audio icon

Khaled Mattawa
   The Old House With Thee  audio icon

Jon Pineda
   First Snowfall

Gibson Fay-LeBlanc
   Ventriloguist on an Off Day
   Ventriloguist on the Moor

Laura Madeline Wiseman
   How to Measure Your Breast Size

John Ravenal
   Light-Based Art: Work by Finch and Navarro

Robert Thomas
   Vanishing Point

Amey Miller

Catherine Pierce
   In Which I Imagine Myself Into a Film Noir
   In Which I Imagine Myself Into a Slasher Flick
   In Which I Imagine Myself Into a Western

Lesley Wheeler
   From the Calderstones

Timothy O’Keefe
   Elegy in Late Spring  

Richard Schmitt

Austin Segrest
   The Present

John Poch
   John's Christ

Ron Smith
   Advice to My Grandson

Rebecca Black
   A Conversation with Rebecca Black  audio icon

Michael Collier
   A Conversation with Michael Collier  audio icon

Susan Settlemyre Williams
   Book Review | Messenger: New and Selected Poems 1976-2006, by Ellen Bryant Voigt

Susan Settlemyre Williams
   Book Review | Without a Philosophy, by Elizabeth Seydel Morgan

Mary Lee Allen
   Book Review | Portrait of the Artist as a White Pig, by Jane Gentry

Allison Seay
   Book Review | Inkblot and Altar, by Laura Van Prooyen  

Catherine MacDonald
   Book Review | Kettle Bottom, by Diane Gilliam Fisher

Susan Settlemyre Williams
   Book Review | case sensitive, by Kate Greenstreet