blackbirdonline journalSpring 2009  Vol. 8  No. 1


Retrospective and Previous Work In Blackbird

Richard Carlyon

Richard Carlyon was a dear friend, remarkable artist, and founding Blackbird contributor.

In an unusual gesture of recognition for his influence on several generations of artists and of the central role that he played in making Richmond a dynamic home for the visual arts, four separate galleries recently mounted a re-viewing of his work that will try to address the many ways in which he made art and the passion with which he made a life in art.

His irreplaceable sensibility and intelligence informed the art and the life, and we are fortunate to be able to present some small examples of his gifts in the Blackbird Archive.


v1n1, Spring 2002
   Flight Song  Flight Song
   “Looking at Richard Carlyon” by Susan Glasser
   An Interview with Richard Carlyon, 2002
  An Interview with Richard Carlyon, 2002