blackbirdan online journal of literature and the artsFall 2010  Vol. 9  No. 2

a suite of twenty–five poems and accompanying images

ochre 1   Foot Print & Torch Wipe
ochre 2   This Is Our Boy, Dog, & Cat & I Am Sticking My Nose
Through The Back Of The Chair. Burns Just Woke Up
So He Looks Kind Of Messed Up
ochre 3   Halted Bison Bellowing, Reclining Bison Turning Its Head
ochre 4  

Some Of The Goofs At Camp
     *Phantom Wood*
“We Will Make a Good Beginning”
                                     K. Hoff

ochre 5   The Alcove of the Lions 
ochre 6   Colonel Allerton S. Cushman, His Wife & The Spirit Of Annabelle,
Their Deceased Daughter With The Sitters’ Faces Blotted Out To
Protect Their Identities, Ada Emma Deane, Photographer: Journal
Of The American Society For Psychic Research, Vol. 16
ochre 7   Sixty-five Stenciled Hands, Forty-four In Black At the Furtherest
Reaches Of The Cave & Twenty-one Stenciled In Red On A Wall
Closer To The Entrance. The Most Common Position For Mutilated
Hands Is With Ring & Little Finger Held Down
ochre 8   This Is The One Where I Was Asleep. I Had Been In The Hospital
For a Month So I Kind Of Look Worn Down. The Picture Does Not Do
My Room Justice. It Was All In Pink & Blue. I Had A French Telephone
Beside My Bed On The Radio That Doesn’t Show Up Here. Really It
Was Wonderful How The Hospital Rooms Are So Cheerful And So Much
Like A Hotel Room
ochre 9   The Killed Man
ochre 10  
Sabrina Harman, Soldier in the 372nd Military Police Company,
Poses In Front of the Body of Manadel al-Jamadi at Abu Ghraib Prison
ochre 11   Skeleton of a Mammoth, Embedded with Eight Clovis Spearpoints
ochre 12   Los Alamos: Oppenheimer’s Son Peter with His Father’s Pipe
ochre 13   Several Reliefs Depicting Vultures
ochre14   Vice President Richard Cheney Donning a Gas Mask:
Image Suppressed for Security Reasons
ochre 15   Trepanned Skull of a Woman with a Prosthetic Seashell Ear
ochre 16   Thoughtography, Ted Serios: A Part of a Series Produced By Serios
In The Laboratory Of The Physician James B. Hurry, Who Supervised
The Proceedings. Serios Was Placed In An Electrically Insulated
Room Called A Faraday Cage. He Had No Contact With His Polaroid
Camera, Held In Turns By Eisenbud & Hurry Outside The Room
ochre 17   Four Engraved & Grooved Stones, Possibly Calenderical
ochre 18   Quixo|t|ic: 248 PTS!!! (Two Triples & a Bingo)
ochre 19   In The Cactus Gallery, The Supposed Position Of The Artist Drawing A Little Red Bear, 4 M (Over 13 Feet) Up On The Right Wall
ochre 20   Triptych Wherein the Author Slays His Father.
Note the Father’s Shadow in the Central Panel
ochre 21   Fifty-four Engravings of Pubic Triangles
ochre 22   This One Davey Took From The Middle Of The Bedroom
While Johnny And I Were Both Asleep
ochre 23   Burial Of a Young Woman with a Newborn Baby
Beside Her on a Swan’s Wing
ochre 24   Sonogram Image of Twins
ochre 25   Military Portrait of My Father