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A joint venture of the Department of English at Virginia Commonwealth University and New Virginia Review, Inc.

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Levis Remembered
   a reading loop including Levis: A Celebration    
   (fall 2010) conference events & papers

Larry Levis
   Caravaggio: Swirl & Vortex

Peter Campion
   1989: Death on the Nile
   The Lions

A Reading by David St. John audio

A Reading by Philip Levine audio

Thirteenth Annual Levis Prize Reading by Peter Campion audio

Nicky Beer
   The Inhuman Witness: Animals in the Poetry of Larry Levis

Peter Campion
   As if in the Sleep of the Other

Matt Donovan
   Unreality & Real Distress: Ekphrasis and Emotion in the Poems of Larry Levis

James Hoch
   Coming Through: The Intensity and Intimacy of Levis and Caravaggio

Anna Journey
   Seducing the Nymph from the Tree: Larry Levis, Metamorphosis, and Elegy

David Wojahn
   Ochre: An Introduction by Wojahn
   a suite of twenty–five poems and accompanying images
   Ochre Table of Contents

Charles Martin
   A Classic in Paraphrase

Gulf Poets Suite

One Poet’s Story
Nimah Ismail Nawwab on Gathering the Tide and Blackbird’s Gulf Poets Suite

Gathering the Tide: An Anthology of Contemporary Gulf Poetry
Patty Paine, Jeff Lodge, and Samia Touati

Fowziyah Abu-Khalid
English translations by Ghassan Nasr with Joseph Heithaus
   Numerical Conjecture

Nujoom Al Ghanem
English translations by Khaled Mattawa

Ashjan Al Hendi
English translations by Abdulla Al-Harrasi with Adrian Roscoe
   Grey Hair

Soad Al Kuwari
English translation by Fatima Mostafawi with Patty Paine
   The Flood

English translation by Sara Al Qatami with Patty Paine
   Modernity in the Desert

Reem Al Lawati
English translations by Issa J. Boullata
   May Love Be Praised

Ghalya Al Said
   The Car
   Malika and the Zar Dance

Abdallah Al Saikhan
English translations by Ayesha Saldanha
   The Poet

Abdullah Al Salem
English translations by William M. Hutchins
   Emergency Meeting

Fawzia Al Sindi
English translations by Bahaa-eddin M. Mazin with Patty Paine
   from Less Than Ink

Khalid Albudoor
   All That We Have

Mohammad Almoghrabi
English translations by Khaled Al-Masri
   The Mural of Arrogance

Souad Al-Mubarak Al-Sabah
English translations by Abdul-Wahid Lu’Lu’Ah
   Female 2000

Qassim Haddad
English translations by Khaled Mattawa
   Words from a Young Night

Adel Khozam
English translations by Joseph T. Zeidan
   White Shame

Saadia Mufarreh
English translations by Hend Mubarek Aleidan with Patty Paine
   Soon She Will Leave

Nimah Ismail Nawwab
   Freedom Writers
   Illusions and Realities

Lalla Essaydi
   Curator’s Commentary by Kistler & Lorenz
   Photographs by Lalla Essaydi: L’Écriture Féminine / Le Corps Féminin

Patrice De La Tour Du Pin
English translations by Jennifer Grotz
   Psalm 6
   Psalm 18
   Psalm 31
   Psalm 32
   Psalm 33

Aleš Debeljak
English translation by Brian Henry
   Without Anesthesia

Philippe Jaccottet
English translation by John Taylor
   Notes from the Ravine

Tomaž Šalamun
English translations by Michael Thomas Taren
   Concerning the Denouncement
   Hostage’s Poem
   The Leopard Doesn’t Squat

Richard Carlyon
   Postcards to Aix

Christopher Buckley
   Note to Gerald Stern Too Long for the Post Card

David Dodd Lee
   Postcard: Cape May

Wendy Wimmer

L. Lee Lowe

Collier Nogues
   In My Father’s Father’s Airstream Trailer

Paul Silverman

Rachel Maizes

Mathias Svalina
   To Sustain Distress
   To Contain
   Winter Stars

Cori A. Winrock
   Instructions for Dematerializing
   Misattribution 2: Nostalgia is a Honey Trap
   Still Life with Levitating House/Wife

Casey Clabough
   The Succubus and I: A True Romance of the Twenty-first Century

Kate Daniels
   The Pedicure

Nava EtShalom
   Joshua Fought

Elizabeth Seydel Morgan

   A D D
   Widow’s Walk

Jeannine Savard
   If The World Asks
   Spring Intervention

Peggy Shumaker
   El Laberinto
   Ramón’s Eyes
   Pájaro Sagrado

Jamie Quatro
   Better To Lose an Eye

Nicola Mason
   Cancer Party

Yasmine Rana
   from The Fallen: Rooftops
   a monologue and introductory commentary

Neil Grimmett
   Defying Gravity

Stefi Weisburd
   Hawking in Zero-G

Bruce Bond
from “For the Lost Cathedral”
   section 8
   section 11
   section 13

Sebastian Matthews
   Messages in a Bottle: Notes from an Unlikely Curator 
   (on the work of Ray Johnson)

John Ravenal
   Fred Tomaselli’s Woodpecker

Sandra Beasley
   Review | Destruction Myth, by Mathias Svalina
                Sum of Every Lost Ship, by Allison Titus

Natalie Sypolt
   Review | The Handbook for Lightning Strike Survivors, by Michele Young-Stone

Amy Unsworth
   Review | Carta Marina, by Ann Fisher-Wirth

Susan Settlemyre Williams
   Review | From the Fever World, by Jehanne Dubrow

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