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Larry Levis

   The Girl Who Was A Victim Of The Flood
   The Leopard’s Mouth Is Dry And Cold Inside
   The Plains
   Toad, Hog, Assassin, Mirror
   The Zoo

Reading Loop
   Levis Remembered

Larry Levis (1946–1996) published five poetry collections during his life, including The Widening Spell of Leaves (1991) and Winter Stars (1985), both from the University of Pittsburgh Press. He also published a book of short stories, Black Freckles (Peregrine Smith Books, 1992). Posthumously two books of poetry, Elegy (University of Pittsburgh Press, 1997) and The Selected Levis: Poems 1972–1992 (University of Pittsburgh Press, 2000), have been published. A collection of Levis’s essays, interviews and reviews, The Gazer Within (University of Michigan Press, 2001), was also posthumously published as part of the Poets on Poetry Series. His work appeared in American Poetry Review, The Southern Review, FIELD, and The New Yorker. Levis won many awards, including the Lamont Poetry Prize and selection for the National Poetry Series. He also received fellowships from the National Endowment for the Arts, the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation Fund, and the Fulbright Program. Levis received a BA from California State University–Fresno, an MA from Syracuse University, and a PhD from the University of Iowa. He taught at the University of Missouri, the University of Utah, the University of Iowa, Warren Wilson College, and Virginia Commonwealth University.  end

Photo by Jay Paul