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A joint venture of the Department of English at Virginia Commonwealth University and New Virginia Review, Inc.


Michael Broek
   The Man Code
   The Varsouvienne

Norman Dubie
   The First Light of a Quantum Plenum
   The Meteor Shower
   Professor Slaughter’s Cell in the Land of Luz

Tarfia Faizullah
   Aubade Ending with the Death of a Mosquito
   Elegy with Her Red-Tipped Fingers
   Ramadan Nocturne

Margaret Gibson
   Broken Cup

Juliana Gray

T.R. Hummer
   Adornment on an Ancient Tomb in Tibet
   Another Horizontal Lyric
   Gall Themselves, and Gash
   Hund’s Rule
   Urn Burial

Richard Jackson
   Walking the Dog

Anna Journey
   One Year After My Move to California, I Jell-O Wrestle My Texan Past in a Dream
   A Wayward Cow’s Worst Nightmare

Josh Kalscheur
   Jail by Church and School
   Regiment 1941

Jesse Lee Kercheval
   49 Answers to 50 Questions

Katherine Larson
   new poems
   Nursery Rhyme from Another Century
   Such Insomnia and the Shape 
   Piano Lessons II 
   poems from Radial Symmetry
   The Oranges in Uganda 
   Water Clocks 

Larry Levis
   The Girl Who Was A Victim Of The Flood
   The Leopard’s Mouth Is Dry And Cold Inside
   The Plains
   Toad, Hog, Assassin, Mirror
   The Zoo

Kyla Marshell
   We’ll Always Have N├ęgritude

Hugh Martin
   The Burn Pit Detail at FOB Cobra
   Site 947: A Situation Report
   Ways of Looking at an IED

Hope Maxwell Snyder
   Confessions for the Guerrilla Fighter Upstairs
   My Father’s Language

Robert Ricardo Reese
   hines ward jr. lunches at the blue house 2006
   a playground in daegu
   the wild wild east

Steve Scafidi
   The Cavalry
   The Gentleman
   The Pages
   The Parade
   The Wine

Tori Sharpe
   Las Meninas and Perro Semihundido

Katie Jean Shinkle
   The Geography of Anatomy by County
   Martha Talks Evolutionary Theory of Anatomy

Ron Smith
   The Tomb of the Scipios

Alison Stine

Jasmine Dreame Wagner
   Burtynsky’s Mines
   Like Empires and Languages

Matthew Zapruder
   Sun Bear
   Public Art

Matthew Zingg
   I’m Working on this Synecdoche

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