Blackbirdan online journal of literature and the artsFall 2022  Vol. 21  No. 2
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Some Things Are Not Hypothetical

Like, for instance, cattails. Or my necklace
strung with silver cattails. Or N95 masks.
Or the dying we will all most certainly,
unavoidably, someday do. I like
the concreteness of concrete. I like
the absolute thereness of the Gravitron.
I appreciate how, when I drive past
a highway field where a skunk recently
sprayed, suddenly my entire car
is skunk. I like the parts of the world
you can count on. So many mornings
I have trouble getting out of bed—
my mind on calls that could
turn sour, my thumb quick-flicking
through the day’s bad-but-might-
get-worse news. I do better when
I spring up with my alarm—
the shower is not hypothetical.
The plastic razor. The coconut shampoo.
Hypothetical is if I slip. Hypothetical
is if this mole looks different. Hypothetical
is what the day holds once I drop
the kids at school, once I pull back
onto the highway. The very quiet student
and his backpack. The cop car followed
by speeding ambulance. It’s the long, trembling
weekend after the biopsy. A loud bang.
A rustling. Hypothetical is what happens
after I walk into my classroom wearing
an N95 and my necklace of cattails,
each frozen in the illusion of bending,
cast forever in the moment
before the moment that follows.  

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