blackbird online journal spring 2002 vol.1 no. 1


SHEILA PEPE | Strings, Things, and Pictures

I'm going to just show you briefly the few slides that will bring us up to date and lay out some of the different kinds of work that I do and hopefully orient us for this conversation about local—radically local. This is from "Strings, Things, and Pictures" at the Mills Gallery at the Boston Center for the Arts in 1999. I show you this as probably the first of the large spaces that I worked with. My work has made the domestic a priority, domestic scale, situating things with either small gestures or small objects. The crocheting began, I'd say, sometime in '94-'95. But "Strings, Things, and Pictures" situates the crocheting in the front section of the gallery.

If you look—this is from the street—if you look through, there is a drop ceiling area. Here's what I call the Mary Tyler Moore curtain see-through. More strings, some crocheted, and some just yarn, Wal-Mart variety. Actually, Woolworth's was my vendor of choice until they closed.

And then if you see into that sort of cardboard drop ceiling cave area, some from the series called the Doppelganger Series which began prior to Gothic in '97, but it's an operation where there's a small, abstract, constructed object, a light casting that object's shadow, and an interpretive drawing in that shadow.