blackbird spring 2002 vol.1 no. 1



Radically Local

"Sheila Pepe makes sprawling web-like installations that playfully, elegantly, and at times eerily transform the spaces they inhabit. Combining aspects of drawing, painting, sculpture, and craft, her hybrid creations are assembled from mundane, decidedly non-art materials that could be characterized as domestic flotsam scavenged from the kitchen drawer."
—Ashley Kistler on Under the F & G

Sheila Pepe's installation of crochet and drawings, Under the F & G, appeared at the Hand Workshop Art Center in Richmond, Virginia, January 17 to March 9, 2003.
Blackbird is pleased to document that installation, and Pepe's earlier work, through film, essay, scanned slides, and audio.

Below you will find links to Sheila Pepe's Under the F & G, a short documentary film by David and Michael Beasley, an audio presentation of a panel discussion of the "radically local" in Pepe's work, and Ashley Kistler's comments on the installation in an essay written for the opening. In addition, we offer a streaming audio slide show of Pepe's work narrated by the artist.  

   Contributor's notes