blackbird online journal spring 2002 vol.1 no. 1


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Norman Dubie
   Book of the Jaspers
      from The Spirit Tablets at Goa Lake

Erin Lambert
   On Faith
   The Shortest Distance

Julia Johnson
   The Shower Wall

Dennis Danvers
   Review | Pattern Recognition, by William Gibson

Donald Kuspit
   Reconsidering the Spiritual in Art

Joshua Poteat
   Burning Instead of Beauty
   Fahrenheit Meditation
   Hitch-Hiking in the Dying South
   Our Memory, the Shining Leaves (Waterford Fair Civil War Reenactment)
   The Scenery of Farewell (and Hello Again)
   Self Portrait as a Mourning Dove
   The Stigmata Rather than a Punch on the Nose

Claudia Emerson
   The Bat
   Pitching Horseshoes
   Surface Hunting

Cornelius Eady
   Grief Bird
   Hardheaded Weather
   Tubman's Rock

Melissa Pritchard
   Fiona, from Late Bloomer

Miguel Murphy
   The University Investigation Into My Classroom Pedagogy

Paisley Rekdal
   A Commission

Terri Witek
   Conte Bleu (The Blue Fairy Book)

Sheila Pepe
   Radically Local

John Allman
   The Kidnapping
   The Lung

Becky Hagenston
   How to Keep Busy While Your Fiancé Climbs Mount Everest

Denise Duhamel
   Reading Group Discussion Guide

Laura Johnson
   The Superstition of Fire

Tim Suermondt
   Bad Night at Club Solidarity

Craig Beaven
   Review | Separate Escapes, by Corrinne Clegg Hales

Sheila Black
   Dark Land of Desire

Jason Golos
   Professional Cinderella: Disney World Employee Profile

Christine Boyka Kluge
   Arms of the Snake
   Mummy on the Doorstep

Natalie Peeterse
   Slow Field of the Sky

A. E. Stallings

Sandi D. Terry

Gary Leising

Geoffrey Brock

Edward Falco
   Review | V: Wave.Son.Nets/Losing L'Una, by Stephanie Strickland

Chris Burnside
   Chris Burnside: A Retrospective

R. H. W. Dillard
   Going Out Into the Crazy: Some Thoughts About Real Writing and Real Reading