blackbird online journal spring 2002 vol.1 no. 1


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& Now | Mathias Svalina
Animal Control | Jon Pineda
A Blueprint of Surface Tension | Mathias Svalina
Dangerous Playgrounds | Chase Twichell
An Interview with Jon Pineda
An Interview with Peter Schjeldahl
| Chase Twichell
The Neck's What Keeps Heart and Head Together | Kevin Wilson
A Reading by Charles Wright
A Reading by Wesley Gibson
OCD | Erica Dawson
On Aspects of the Avant-garde | Mark Harris
One Knowledge | Mathias Svalina
Overview | Patrick Cribben
Placebo | Erica Dawson
Psalm with a Phrase from Beckett | Rick Barot
Tearing Down the Old Water Tower | Mathias Svalina
Turnaround | Patrick Cribben
Woman in the I-65 Rest Stop | Juliana Gray

Virginia Currents: John Newman