blackbird spring 2002 vol.1 no. 1


FEATURE | July 2, 2004

An Interview with Jon Pineda
On June 17, 2004, Craig Beaven of Blackbird met with fiction writer and poet Jon Pineda at Virginia Commonwealth University. Pineda is the author of the short story "Animal Control," which appears in this issue of Blackbird, and of the poetry collection Birthmark. They talked about influences and about the relationship between fiction and poetry, and they discussed how Birthmark moved from unconnected poems to a Master of Fine Arts thesis to an award-winning poetry collection (Crab Orchard Award Series 2004).

Craig Beaven, a Kentucky native, holds a Master's in English from VCU and a BA in English from the University of Kentucky. His poems and reviews have appeared in ACE Magazine, Limestone, and the Lexington Herald-Leader. His interviews and book reviews have appeared in several issues of Blackbird.

Interview    |  Transcript