blackbird online journal spring 2002 vol.1 no. 1


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Rick Barot
   Psalm with a Phrase from Beckett

Chase Twichell
   Dangerous Playgrounds

Kate Hill Cantrill
   Dear England, Please Send Me a Redheaded Boy

Rita Chin
   Dried Preparation of the Hand
   Torso No. 3 (Curved Spine)

Beth Ann Fennelly
   We Are the Renters

William Luvaas
   Season of Limb Fall

Mathias Svalina
   & Now
   A Blueprint of Surface Tension
   Brandon Som’s Lonely Hotdog
   One Knowledge
   Tearing Down the Old Water Tower

Mark Harris
   On Aspects of the Avant-garde

Knute Skinner
   She’s Back
   Shifting the Burden

Norbert Hirschhorn
   K. 525

Susan Settlemyre Williams
  Review | Jetty & Other Poems, by Talvikki Ansel

Charles Wright
   Images from the Kingdom of Things
   Inland Sea
   Saturday Morning Satori

Pam Durban
   The Old King

George Garrett
   Gator Bait

Patrick Cribben

John Newman
   Disguise the Limits

Peggy Shumaker (with Kesler Woodward)
   Blaze & East Coker
   Kus-Sun-Ar & Birch Portrait #62

Clara Silverstein
   From White Girl: A Story of School Desegregation

Joy Katz
   The Family, One Week Old

April Lindner
   Brain Fruit

Jon Pineda
   Animal Control

Marlys West
   Here Is the Church
   The Oddest Sea

Art Homer
   Buck with a Broken Horn
   Least Terns at Beaver Creek

R. T. Smith

Cathryn Hankla
   Five-Minute Exposure, Large Format

C. Dale Young
   The Plunder House

Christian Horlick
   Review | What Narcissism Means to Me, by Tony Hoagland

Randy Marshall
   Review | You Are Here: A Memoir of Arrival, by Wesley Gibson

Peter Schjeldahl
   An Interview with Peter Schjeldahl