blackbird online journal spring 2002 vol.1 no. 1


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Pivot Points
Opens the introductory page.

Navigation Help
Returns you to this menu key.

Relationship Map: Poets and Painters
These maps from the Pivot Points catalog show teacher/student relationships. Blackbird has added links to allow quick access to a painter's or poet's work. Click the graphic accompanying an individual's name to enter or re-enter the exhibition.

Biographies: Poets and Painters
Biographies are grouped on a single page by genre and include brief textual explanations of the teacher/student relationships. Click the photo of any painter or poet to enter or re-enter the exhibtion.

 Exhibition Table
Thumbnail images of all paintings and poems in Pivot Points are organized by generation. Click the photo of the painter or poet to open commentary on the work. Click the thumbnail graphics of individual paintings or poems to open your choice directly.

Beneath the Exhibition Table link on individual painter and poet pages, you will also have the option of moving forward or backward in the exhibition to the next painter or poet.


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