blackbird online journal spring 2002 vol.1 no. 1


   Victor Kord          
   Commentary  Venus III    Venus I    Venus V
   Richard Lazzaro          
   Commentary  Two Intents    Gathering the Past    Prodigy
   Larry Levis          
   Commentary  Caravaggio:
 Swirl and Vortex
   The Two Trees    Los Dos Arboles
   Dave Smith          
   Commentary  The Clam-Rake Room    Warren's Flowers    Las Flores de Robert
 Penn Warren


   Reni Gower
   Commentary  Pivot.2    Pivot.3    Pivot.1
   Sally Bowring
   Commentary  Point Yellow    Set Point    Point Stratus
   Gregory Donovan          
   Commentary  Breathing in the Cool    Belle Isle    Isla Bella
   Elizabeth Morgan          
   Commentary  The Adamsons'
   Without a Philosophy    Sin una Filosofia


   Beth Weisgerber
   Commentary  Devices and Waterfalls    Yellow Stumbling Blocks    Frequent Trips Without
 a Foothold
   Valerie Bogdan
   Commentary  Flow System    Stage Fright    Bushwick Daze
   Laura-Gray Street          
   Commentary  Potters' Field    Disposable Goods    Materiales
   Joshua Poteat          
   Commentary  People Who'd Kill Me 
(Spain, 1939)
 For the Aviaries
 Para las Jaula

    The Painters:
   Discerning Voices    The Poets:
   Talking with
 Both Hands
   Richard Roth    Steven L. Jones    Mary Flinn    J. Randy Marshall

   Notes and Acknowledgments
   Levis Reading Loop