blackbird online journal spring 2002 vol.1 no. 1
gallery features

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Susan Aizenberg
   Things That Cannot Be Compared
      (Dissonance I)

Talvikki Ansel
   The Bird Cards

Brian Barker

Larry Bradley
   American Bittern

Victoria Chang
   Dragon Boat Festival
   Jiang Qing

David Daniel
   Seven-Star Bird
   Uncle Emmet, Wiser Than God

Mary Dixon
   Cinnamon Dreams

Lisa Gluskin
   Dark Matter

Danielle Hanson
   No Diga Mas Que Lo Que No Diga

James Himelsbach

Peter Klein



Jeanne Larsen
   The Garden of Sex
   The Garden of Sex II

Shara Lessley

Larry Levis
   Poem Ending With a Hotel on Fire
   Those Graves in Rome

Alexander Long
   The Gazing Eye Falls through the World
   Regrets Only, Not Much

Karen Maceira
   My Father and the Astros

Sean Nevin

Hugh Steinberg
   Rope, String, Thread
   Your World

Laura-Gray Street

Ellen Bryant Voigt
   The Feeder

Jake Adam York
   Bunk Richardson
   On Tallasseehatchee Creek