blackbird online journal spring 2002 vol.1 no. 1


BENJAMIN S. JONES  |  Deployable Structures

This project for Blackbird presented a unique opportunity for me as a sculptor: to create something that can exist solely on the Web

The two Quicktime VR objects created for Blackbird were created in tandem with the sculptural installation The Best Defense / The Other Side of the Fence. In a way, the digital project can be seen as a series of refined sketches for the larger project; however, that read begins to diminish their autonomy as unique objects. I prefer to think of them as propositions, not quite tangible but undeniably unique entities. Many of my works function as propositions, as opposed to literal representations.

That Deployable Structures 1 & 2 exist solely on the Web reinforces them as propositions and further situates them in the grey space between the physical and the virtual. This is where my interest lies, drifting in the maze of irrational values between one and zero.

—Benjamin S. Jones, April 2006

 Deployable Structures 1
Quicktime VR object
   Deployable Structures 2
Quicktime VR object

Quicktime VR objects may take several minutes to load over slower connections.