blackbirdonline journalFall 2009  Vol. 8  No. 2
Larry Levis

Reading Loop Introduction

Larry Levis
   Some Notes On The Gazer Within

Found Levis
   “There Are Two Worlds”

Katie Ford
   new poems
       Little Goat   audio
       Sighting   audio

   poems from Colosseum,
   winner of the 2009 Levis Reading Prize

       Beirut  audio
       Easter Evening  audio
       The Singing  audio

Twelfth Annual Levis Reading Prize  audio
   introductions by Terry Oggel, Gregory Donovan, Kathleen Graber, and a reading
   by Katie Ford. Kathleen Graber also pays tribute to Levis Reading Prize finalist
   Craig Arnold.

A Conversation with Katie Ford  audio

All content in the Levis Remembered Reading Loop will have a link titled Levis Remembered under Contributor’s Notes at the bottom of the page. Additional content will be incorporated as related features are added during the life of the issue.