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A joint venture of the Department of English at Virginia Commonwealth University and New Virginia Review, Inc.


Below is the order in which the editors suggest you read, view, and listen to the current issue of Blackbird. This list only reflects content published with the issue November 2009. For additional content added over the life of the issue, see Features.

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Katie Ford
   Beirut audio
   The Singing audio
   Easter Evening audio
   Sighting audio
   Little Goat audio

Larry Levis
   Some Notes On The Gazer Within
   Found Levis

Gerald Stern

Jake Adam York
   And Ever

Madison Smartt Bell
   An excerpt from Devil’s Dream, June 1854

Susan Settlemyre Williams
   Contemplating Jailbreak: Reflections on the career of Eleanor Ross Tylor

Julie Danho
   Old Country

Sherman Alexie
   Monosonnet for Rodents, Interrupted
   Powwow Ghazal
   Subway Song, Interrupted

Chard deDeNiord
   A Soul Addresses Her Beloved in the Non–Green Zone

Dawn Lonsinger
   Slow Saunter of Wither

Alison Pelegrin
   Self–Portrait in a Tourist’s Snapshots

David Caudle
   The Common Swallow

Andrian Dorris

M. L. Brown
   It’s Love that Pushes Stockings Down
   Mother’s Home Ritual for Quenching Fires

A. V. Christie
   Outdoor Room

Lisa Fay Coutley
   During the Final Scene
   Why to Bury a Parrot

Darren Morris
   Fractured Aubade : The Gods of Dawn :: Eating Grapes:

Ruth Ellen Kocher
   Alice Coltrane Discovers the World and G/god is B/born
   string theory

Airin Miller
   Rattlesnake Country

Michelle Brafman

Katrina Vandenberg
   D Ghazal
   Dark Ages

Sofia M. Starnes

Catie Rosemurgy
   The Monkey Whose Job It Used to Be to Sit on Miss Peach’s Shoulder
          Takes Up Olde Timey Music

Danielle Hanson
   Near Sleep in a Smoky Room

Peter Shippy
   Self–Portrait & Other Calculations

Alan Bigelow

Sarah Vap
   Oskar’s Cars

Christopher Burawa
   Antidote to the Chaos of Imagination
   Condolence for the Blind Mori

William Olsen
   Light or Dark Speech

Jennifer H. Fortin
   A System Pamphlet (With Illustration of How They Hide)
   from Mined Muzzle Velocity
   In a Time of Excess and Hopeless Transport

Peter Cooley
   Twenty Line Sonnet

Nabaneeta Dev Sen
translations by Carolyne Wright
   Mysteries of Memory

Marcela Fuentes

Sandy Longhorn
   [ the dead worm their way through glacial till ]

Maureen Seaton
   Sex & Petroglyphs

Elisabeth Murawski
   As I Remember It

Paisley Rekdal
   Imogen Cunningham’s “My Father At Sixty”
   Laura Gilpin’s “Navajo Shepherd Boy”

David Lynn

Kevin Cantwell
   The Apple Pipe

R. T. Smith
   Home Ownership and Self Defense

Shirley Stephenson
   Disabled Odyssey
   Tidal Volume

Leah Dunham
   Natural Bridge

Laura Van Prooyen

Ron Winkler
translation by Rodney Nelson
   Februarsuiten audio
   February Jinks

Shanley Jacobs
   Review | Colosseum, by Katie Ford

Randy Marshall
   Review | If Birds Gather Your Hair for Nesting, by Anna Journey

Ron Slate
   Review | And So, by Joel Brouwer
   Review | The Lions, by Peter Campion

Laura Van Prooyen
   Book Review | Incident at the Edge of Bayonet Woods, by Paula Bohince

Grant White
   Review | Miscreants, by James Hoch

Susan Settlemyre Williams
   Review | Salvinia Molesta, by Victoria Chang

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