blackbirdonline journalSpring 2019  Vol. 18 No. 1

Since 2007 we have invited contributors featured in our annual Introductions Loop to comment on their creative process. This year, Ciera Burch, Holli Carrell, Emily Chiles, Sarah Golin, Zach Hester, Joey Kingsley, Gwen E. Kirby, and Amy O’Reilly step up to the task.

Ciera Burch Ciera Burch
   Ancestral and Maternal Connection as Creative Forces

A lot of my writing process comes from simply sitting and observing. As an introvert, I’ve always preferred watching people to engaging with them . . .

Holli Carrell   Holli Carrell
   On “Two Women” and Process

Most of my poems begin with images. I am less interested in narrative; I prefer the strange, the weird: poetry that releases me . . .

Emily Chiles   Emily Chiles
   Becoming Dorothy

When I was small it was the red sparkly shoes, and how she clicked her heels together, lightly, just so. Later, it was the way she leaned back against the hay, dreaming . . .

Sarah Golin   Sarah Golin
   Wading into the Stream

For me, writing is about trying to leap between the particularities of a very small moment . . . and the larger forces of nature and time.

Zach Hester   Zach Hester
    Real Bananas and MoonPie

I am drawn to the holy, the scientific, and the wildly grotesque landscapes of the American psyche, and I am most interested in where these three converge.

Joey Kingsley   Joey Kingsley
    Sites of Exchange

Both aimless and purposeful, walking sounds the rhythm of heartbeats and breath, iambic footfalls that lend sonnets their rhythms. For much of my life, I’ve traveled on foot . . .

Gwen E. Kirby   Gwen E. Kirby
   Lining My Nest

When it comes to inspiration for a story, I’m a bit of a magpie. I feel like I’m always drawn to the object or person out of place . . .

Amy O'Reilly   Amy O’Reilly
   Block by Block, Line by Line

I’ve heard that many people do their best thinking in the shower. I do my best thinking pushing a stroller. If you live in my neighborhood, you’ve probably seen me talking to myself . . .

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